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Leonsoft Solutions is a proficient Information Technology & Industrial Technology development company located near Ulsoor lake in Bangalore, Karnataka , India. We provide Software solutions to end users as well as other Software development companies. we possess good Expertised skills in the industry, we can understand our client's requirements quite well and deliver the desired results in very short time.

Registered under the Indian Companies Act 1932. We have inherited invaluable domain knowledge and a strong grasp of business fundamentals. We combines the expertise of innovative minds with the latest trends in technology to provide high quality solutions to clients from both, the International market and the domestic industry.

From conceptualization and creation to full development and implementation , Maintenance. We at Leonsoft , focus on all the aspects of managing a project. we use our years of experience and the latest development technologies and tools. We consistently deliver creative, scalable, reliable, consistent designs and development solutions that reflect the personality, needs, and vision of our clients.

Leader and Associated are encouraged to teach, share their experiences and to mentor Associates, enriching and accelerating the pace of learning

We create and deliver role - focused learning products, team and business aligned learning services stregthening team and business competencies. Our placement is credited with enhancing the technical delivery , Maturity and skill diversity and maximizing bill ability of associates.

Our Commitment:

   We help your organization to respond to changes by increasing your ability.
   Our IT services will deliver exceptional quality and improve customer    satisfaction.
   Our expertise and innovation will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the business.
   We help you in reducing risk and increase ROI.
   Our Development and designing process makes us quite different andcompetitive from our       competition.
   We are positioned to deliver rapid, reliable and robust Information Technology solutions      that work, What we thrive upon is Technology and Technical Expertise.

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